Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Free as a Bird

Setting aside all the rhetoric about Valerie Plame and how her name came to be revealed to the world. Setting aside all the politics, the bottom line is that Scooter Libby lied while under oath. Nothing else is germane when it comes to his sentencing. By Fed standards, the sentence was not overly harsh, in fact it was in line with the others being handed down at this time.

Scooter chose to lie. Yeah, he was taking one for the team, but in the grand scheme, he knew the consequences. He could have said, "Gee, Dick, we got caught. I'm gonna have to tell them the truth." Nope. Scooter decided to game the process and he got caught.

So why would our president commute his prison sentence? And why is he even thinking of granting him a pardon?

Seems to me to be the best way to ensure that old Scooter's loyalty stays in place and his mouth stays shut. Which means that Fitzgerald missed the gold mine and got stuck with the flunky instead.

I can hear Dick Nixon applauding from his grave.

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