Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Evolution or Intelligent Design?

Oy. Just when I thought this had been put to bed, back we come with the question of evolution and just what constitutes 'science'.

G*d gave us brains for a reason, people, and to not use them is a sin in my mind. The Almighty puts information in front of us and expects us to decide what's right for us. Ideally, what's right for us won't harm our fellow humans, but that's a notion we mortals are still having issues with.

To discount the theory of evolution because it supposedly leaves a Divine Source out of the equation doesn't wash with me. Dinosaur bones are infinitely older than 6 or 10K years. To say it's all wrong because it doesn't fit your 'calendar' is amazingly arrogant.

I, personally, have no trouble reconciling evolution with G*d's creation. I've seen the muscles and bones and arteries working inside a human body and am awed by the complexities of life. I find it inconceivable to discount evolution as a process simply because it supposedly leaves G*d out of the picture. Just how long was one of the Almighty's 'work days' in Genesis? Is it not possible that The Eternal Source has a hand in the evolutionary process?

The solution is simple -- teach evolution in the science classes, teach Intelligent Design in comparative religion classes where it belongs. And while you're at it, show how other religions view the Creation. Then the students can form their own opinions and use those brains that G*d so lovingly fashioned. Redefining science is not the answer to life's most intriguing question.