Friday, July 18, 2008

The Apple Virus

If you have not physically handled an iPhone 3G, I would recommend you not do so. Yes, this is a health warning. Touching, fondling or otherwise messing with an iPhone may cause the Apple Virus to be transferred to your person. Then you are Doomed (TM). As in you Have. To. Have. One.

I was going to buy a Blackberry. I'd researched the new iPhone and went "Nope, not what I want." After taking a Blackberry World Phone for a test drive (in the store, of course) I decided I would just see what the iPhone was like. Yup, I'm hooked. The thing is mega SWEET. That was in Iowa and so I couldn't order one until I got home. Bah. So my latest bit of e-gizmo is currently on backorder with AT&T. Or not. In the morning the phone isn't back ordered. Every evening the database says it is. Fascinating. The freight listing is ALWAYS back ordered. Go figure.

I'm hoping that have it in my possession before I Go West for my 2-1/2 weeks, if nothing more than to not have to pay the $12.95/per day plus hotel/motel tax for an internet connection. If not, this time around I will fall upon the comfort of free wi-fi locations. The notion of forking out another $15 per day on top of a room that costs $225 (luckily I have a roommate) is more than this lady can handle.

More about the iPhone down the line. I sense a new addiction coming very soon. Oh well, if you're going to have a vice, go for the really hi tech ones.