Monday, July 09, 2007

Dallas Bound

It's that time of the year when Jana packs up her pantyhose and heads to a gathering of romance authors. The Romance Writers of America annual convention is always an interesting time. Romance has long ago shed its "bodice ripper" image and now is a big enough tent to include inspirational, vampire and mystery novels, albeit with a romantic bent.

Although I don't write full-bore romances (okay, I wrote one a few years back) my books do include a "romantic element" and so fall inside RWA's tent. SOJOURN is up for four romance awards at this convention, so this is a trip I'm eager to take. Since it has alread won a Golden Quill for Best Paranormal Romance, I'm hoping that means big things are ahead.

Which means I will be editing VIRTUAL EVIL while on the road. Never a pretty picture. Still, I'm certainly not the only author who will be sneaking away for a few stolen hours at the keyboard in between the ceremonies, luncheons, meetings and such. It's part and parcel of the job.

I'll try to carve out a few moments to post the happenings in Dallas. My roommate (Jeri Smith-Ready) is up for three awards, including two Rita Awards (RWA's big award). It promises to be a lot of fun no matter how the contests fall out.

Later folks. Must pack my finery....

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