Friday, July 13, 2007

If This is Wednesday, This Must Be Dallas

A brief update from Dallas on the state of the Jana during the Romance Writers' convention. The current state is: tired. I've been up a bit too late the last few nights which means the Virtual Evil edits are not getting done as fast as I'd hoped. Bah.

However, on the good news front: Sojourn won a Booksellers' Best Award, a Prism Award and a Daphne du Maurier Award. WHEEEEEE!!!

Today is Agent Day -- I'm meeting with at least two of them and then tonight is the Harlequin Party (quite a gig I hear). I'm hoping to sneak in a nap sometime along with some actual buns in chair work on VE.

It's been great to see friends, catch up on industry gossip and be part of this whole process. Lots of incredible talent in one location. Wow.

Later folks. Must find coffee...


Pamela Wyant said...

3 MORE????? I can't even keep up. You my dear are fantastic, keep up the good work.

Oh, and someday when you have time, don't forget us little people from Iowa that knew you back in the day when you just wrote great copy for snowglobes!!

Love ya!

Jana Oliver said...

Yup, 3 more. I keep shaking my head at all this. It just seems that every award was landing in my lap. When my name wasn't called for the National Readers' Choice Award, I blinked and went "Oh!". Then I broke out into a huge round of applause and cheered for the winner. One of my friends asked me if I was upset that I hadn't won that award as well. Nope, I'm not bothered at all. I'm actually very happy about that. That means I have a challenge for next year. As you know, I love challenges!!

I do not, however, love water globes. EUUUUUUUU!!

I most certainly haven't forgotten the good folks in Iowa who put up with my antics and my off-the-wall personality. I figure you guys might just now be coming off the medication that encounter required (10 years later.

Thanks for keeping me honest, guys!