Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ms. Palin Part Deux

You know, I suspected this was coming. Alaska may be its own little world, a fiefdom if you will, but respect is the basis for every human interaction. Sarah don't got it. In reading her bio I found a woman who is driven to succeed, willing to cut others off at the knees (her mother-in-law for instance) and willing to punish those who don't give her what she wants. It's that vindictive streak that worries me.

Which leads to the latest revelation, overheard in a restaurant after Obama bested Clinton:

"So Sambo beat the bitch."

Oy! If the info in this article can be verified, Ms. P has some serious problems. You don't call some of your constituents "Arctic Arabs". You don't conjure up old black stereotypes. It's preferable you don't call one of the most experienced female politicians in the country "bitch" and you definitely don't hold grudges. Alaskans need to speak out and tell us what we might be getting as a VP. Now is not the time to worry about reprisals down the line. The whole country will pay if this woman is what the rumors suggest.

And the question for the week (courtesy of the husband): How did we get here?

I swear, somewhere the Dark Lord (Dick Cheney) is rubbing his hands in glee.

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