Monday, September 29, 2008

The End Game

Galley. This can be a number of things, but in the publisher world it is your book, typeset, awaiting your careful scrutiny. In the Big Apple they often send their galleys out in printed form. For my publisher, who does use technology based in the 21st century, the galley is a PDF. Jana then goes through said galley, line by line, page by page, making notes if something is amiss.

Every now and then I catch a sentence that just doesn't make sense. Annoying that it made it this far in all the editing process, but it happens. So I ask my publisher to change it along with a contrite "author boo-boo" notation.

The end result is that after I've proofed this puppy one last time, it goes back, the errors are corrected, I take another quick look at it and then Madman's Dance is ON PRESS. Which is a good thing as new story ideas are already starting to pester me.

I will, however, take Thursday night off to listen the VP's debate. Note to self: buy more popcorn.

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