Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Madman's Dance

The end is near. MADMAN'S DANCE is almost done. Like so close I can taste it. The proofreader has trudged through the first 3/4's of the tome, making her dainty comments, adding commas, removing commas and pointing out when I've changed point of view more often than necessary. My editor is busily thumping the last half of the fourth quarter of the book into shape. Once that's done, I fix what she found, get it proofed, hubby does one last read through for inconsistencies and PONG! it's over the border to my publisher.

For those of you attending the World Fantasy Convention in Calgary, the book will debut there. Seems appropriate. Calgary is the home of my publisher (Dragon Moon Press) and the parent publisher (Hades Publications) whose other imprints are Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy & Tesseract).

Amazon has the drop date as Oct. 1st. They lie and I can't seem to change the date not matter how many times I submit the information on their little form. It's Oct. 30th, folks.

This is a complex book. If you haven't read the first two, you're pretty much screwed as the plot is multi-layered and intricate. I'm recommending that you take the time to re-read the first two, or at least VIRTUAL EVIL, before you tackle MMD (as it's called in our household). The story is chock full of goodies: bad guys, good guys, explosions, double crosses, romance, Victorian prisons, asylums and angels.

Consider yourself warned.

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