Friday, May 18, 2007

Independent Publisher Book Award

SOJOURN took the Gold Medal for the Science Fiction/Fantasy category in the Independent Publisher Book Awards. The contest drew almost 3700 entries from all 50 states, 8 Canadian provinces and 17 countries overseas.

The other winners in the category are:
Silver: The Future is Queer, edited by Richard Labonté and Lawrence Schimel (Arsenal Pulp Press)
Bronze: The Anvil Stone, by Kathleen Cunningham Guler (Bardsong Press); Red Ivy Afternoon, by Mark R. Brand (Silverthought Press); The Plants of Middle-Earth: Botany and Sub-Creation, by Dinah Hazell (Kent State University Press); Raising the Past, by Jeremy Robinson (Breakneck Books)

I think it's time to celebrate!


Ernie Saylor said...

Congratulations Jana!!! Somehow I am not surprised though, you are extradinarily talented and Sojourne is such a fine novel! Just to ley you know, I am thoroughly enjoying your story "The Word of Zed", it is delightful and clever. You will hear from me soon.

Jana Oliver said...

I was very thrilled about this one! It's a serious nod toward my publisher, Gwen Gades, who showcases new authors, giving them the publisher & editorial support they need to create good and innovative books. Dragon Moon Press' authors consistently are finalists in national competitions. I'm glad to bring home the Gold for DMP.

"The Word of Zed" was a stretch for this novelist, but I really liked the characters and Melissa's synopsis. Looking forward to your input. Teacup hedgehogs... what have I been smoking?

Lawrence Schimel said...

Congrats on teh gold medal!

Jana Oliver said...

Lawrence -
Congrats on your Silver!