Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Balticon 41

Nice weekend. Yeah, I know, I have to give more details that than. I roomed with She of the Titian Tresses (Jean Marie Ward) again and as usual we were up to no good. She kept me supplied in bottled water and oranges and that was well appreciated. We discovered a Wegman's (second cousin to a Whole Foods) and dined there for a couple of days. They had yummy sushi. We even went to Filene's Basement. I only found a pair of earrings, but that's probably best given the hit my credit cards have taken recently.

Balticon began with the Opening Ceremonies and the Compton Crook Award. The winner of that hallowed award was Naomi Novik for Her Majesty's Dragon. Very nice lady and one helluva talented author. Joshua Palmatier (I highly recommend his book The Skewed Throne) and I got to spend some time with each other (we did a signing together) and he's a kick. I dressed up for this con (I know, some of you just dropped to the floor in shock) but Josh had the right idea. He was comfy casual and when we ended up with a panel room that could double as a waiting room for Hell (temp wise, that is) he was just fine. I was dying. Walter Hunt, however, kept his cool. We traded quips and survived the panel (which was on high tech ways to promote yourself). I made a mental note to bring a fan next year.

Maria Snyder (last year's Compton Crook winner) had a session on poisons which I had to miss as I was doing a reading. Bummer. I heard it was really neat. I bought her book (gorgeous front cover) and I'm planning on starting it as I'm winging my way to Dallas on Thurs for A-Kon. The planes are too crowded now to allow me to do any computer work.

I got invited to a private single malt scotch tasting (grin) and hung with some really nice folks. The Baltimore Science Fiction Society are cool people and they read a LOT. We discussed all sorts of stuff. And as usual, I harassed Tee Morris and Tony Ruggerio because they're there. I do intend to make a trip to editor Ed Schubert's Intergalatic Medicine Show and spend some time reading the short stories once I made Virtual Evil's turn-in date. I know they'll be worth the time and who knows, maybe someday I'll pen one and submit it.

The next two days involve finishing the critiques for the A-Kon Workshop, washing clothes and repacking. Back on the road Thursday for five days in Dallas. When not called upon to do my duty to the con, I'll be in the bar working on my book edits. I've finally gotten to the point where noise doesn't bother me anymore. I suspect it's because of Starbuck's obsession with Frank Sinatra. Eventually your brain cells just block out everything lest Frank's singing might be involved.


Walter Hunt said...

Well, Jana, you didn't mention me in your Balticon post, but you made it in to one of mine: http://www.walterhunt.com/blog/?p=219.

I'd love to read your work, but there's no Microsoft e-Book Reader for the Mac OS. Correct me if I'm wrong. I may simply have to buy it in print.



Jana Oliver said...

It wasn't because I didn't think of you. I was planning on mentioning you and then somehow the brain locked up. You are now a part of entry. Thanks for the nudge.

Sorry about the MAC situation re: the free e-book. Amazon has the best price at present. Hope you find it a good read.

Have a great summer. I have no doubt I'll see you sometime down the line.