Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Rejection 101

Well, it had to happen one of these days and it has. I've officially have been rejected by a gen-u-ine NY publisher. And no, I'm not going to invoke their name for reasons that will become apparent. It was fated to happen this way. Thirteen months ago I sent them my two fantasy novels along with a synopsis of each novel and a cover letter citing the awards I'd won, etc. I'd checked over their website and they were searching for fantasy with a strong heroine. My heroine, Morwyn, is exactly that. So off the books went.

I finally started thinking about them about nine months later. So I called and they couldn't find the books. I saw this as a hint from the Head Office (pointing upward at this moment) that this particular publisher wasn't supposed to have these books. Especially since I sent them via FedEx Ground and had a delivery confirmation. So I said, "Such things happen."

Well, they found finally the books the other day and after perusing the first twenty or so pages of the first book, sent them back with a very polite rejection letter. Am I upset? Hardly. I wrote those novels two and three years ago, respectively, and so they are no longer representative of my writing skills. I am light years ahead of that level now, even though they are good books. And if I had it to do all over, I wouldn't have submitted them to them in the first place. It's amazing how my perception has changed over the past year now that I better understand both my skills and how to weed through what publishers say they want and what they really mean.

The editor was very polite, suggesting I take writing courses and join a critique group (which I've already done). And that I should research other publishers and target my books toward where they might fit better (i.e. I have more in my books than just a heroine's journey). My books are classic fantasy. Not a good fit.

So now I'm official and I'm filing the letter away for someday when I have ten published books on the my shelves and I want to reminisce. It'll happen. It's just a matter of time. All I have to do is ... JUST KEEP WRITING.


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