Friday, June 18, 2004

Drunken Frog in Blender

That's my latest sentiment, that I feel like a drunken frog in a blender. It's been hectic and July is only going to get worse. Between the radio station, the novel, the conventions, the classes I teach and all the other little irons in the fire, it's been amazingly busy.

The upside is that all of this is positive stuff. No ugly things like family issues or stuff like that. The station is attracting cool hosts, I'm getting to chat with really interesting guests (five of them this weekend!) and listenership is growing. All good stuff.

Meanwhile, back at the computer screen, the novel is screaming for attention. I'm trying to polish the first fifty-odd pages and create a dynamite synopsis by the 26th so I can enter it in a contest and receive some constructive feedback. I realized this one isn't a romance, per se. No hero. That's something new for me. The heroine still is a bit two-dimensional in my mind, but she's getting there. And just as I'd hoped, every time she thinks she'd gotten things figured out, the sand shifts beneath her feet. That's perfect.

Off to Starbucks to wire up for the day and then to lunch with a writer friend to brainstorm scenarios for her novel. Then home to jump back into the blender and push the "PUREE" button.

Later folks....

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