Monday, June 07, 2004

The Caffeine-Addicted Muse

Fabulously busy week with lots happening. The high point was three one-hour interviews yesterday on such diverse subjects as feng shui, how to teach someone to read and an intimate look at a writer's journey over three decades. I was seriously tired by last night. So I ate dinner, soaked in the hot tub, sent off a press release and went to bed. YAWN.

However, the week did afford me the opportunity to get more work done on my current book. Starbucks' coffee and atmosphere is the only way to fly. If I stay home, I see things to do. At Starbucks, I plug in my headphones so I don't have to listen to their music and I write. And write and write. Wired by caffeine (I usually only have one cup in the morning) I can go for three or more hours. The staff doesn't seem to care. They probably think I'm the next J.K. Rowling or something. Probably not. When the book is published (note the accent on the positive there) I'll hand out free books and autograph them for the staff and customers. It would be the least I could do to pay them back for watching me banging away at my keyboard for hours on end.

Now for you writers out there, lest you think what I'm writing during my Starbucks ventures is deathless prose... it isn't. It's seriously rough. I'm just putting it on paper and I'll go back later and make it sing, dance and play Peoria. I can write detailed scenes when the mood strikes, but right now isn't the time. Get it down on the paper, that's the plan.

One other note about Starbucks -- it seems that a number of the ladies who come into the one I frequent are babes... or in more modern parlance -- hotties. These ladies have it together. Makeup is perfect, clothes are perfect, you name it, it's perfect. So that makes me wonder if the guys who sit there on their computers for hours on end are there to work or there for eye candy. Hummm. Perhaps I should have bought stock in Starbucks long ago.

Happy week, people. I'll do updates from scenic Jacksonville, FL from my post at DreamCon.

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