Monday, May 25, 2009

A Nice Way to End May

Just back from TimeGate. I'll do a full report very soon, including a report about "the bra" incident during the production of THE HAUNTED CHICKEN TRUCK OF LAKE LANIER skit, hopefully with photos. Quite amusing and something I'll not probably live down.

I've received some delightful news! MADMAN'S DANCE received a Silver Medal in the Science Fiction category of the Independent Publisher Awards (smile). And the book is a Prism finalist for time travel. You may remember my blog about the Prism awards a couple years back when SOJOURN took home one of their nifty glass pyramids. Here's hoping lightning strikes twice!

Three other buddies finaled for the Prism - P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast's CHOSEN (House of Night Series) in Young Adult and Jeri Smith-Ready's WICKED GAME in Light Paranormal. Just like in 2007, we'll be sitting together and fidgeting.

More later once a bit of the con lag clears.

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Pam Wyant said...

This is only a start my dear, only a start. Your star is rising. Congrats again!!