Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If Only She was a Dude

President Obama nominates a Hispanic woman for the Supreme Court. One definitely suited for the job. So what does one of our Republican politicians have to say?

"Of primary concern to me is whether or not Judge Sotomayor follows the proper role of judges and refrains from legislating from the bench. Some of her recent comments on this matter have given me cause for great concern. In the months ahead, it will be important for those of us in the U.S. Senate to weigh her qualifications and character as well as her ability to rule fairly without undue influence from her own personal race, gender, or political preferences." (emphasis mine). - Senator Imhofe (R - Oklahoma)

So apparently if you're one of the dudes on the court we don't have to worry you'll rule in favor of other dudes, be they white or black, or be they Republican or Democrat? I'm surprised Imhofe didn't mention her religion (Catholic) but then he's treading on thin ground with the gender and race thing as it is. He's known for such bonehead comments, just like his counterpart in Iowa, Rep. King.

She's qualified to be on the court. Period. The fact she's Hispanic and female shouldn't matter. But to these guys, it does.


steve on the slow train said...

These guys are grasping at straws to justify a filibuster. Sonia Sotomayor is a distinguished jurist and fairly moderate politically. Because she's divorced with no children, there's no nanny issue that forced some of Clinton's female appointees to bow out. But the righties want blood, and they'll say or do just about anything.

Jana Oliver said...

Seems that's the case, my friend. See my next post.