Monday, August 16, 2010

Shifting Gears

Demon Trappers Book #2 is now in the hands (or at least on the computer) of my editor. It was a difficult book to write because it was an emotional one. I do emo fairly well, but prefer action and mayhem. Combining the two takes some serious effort, but I think I got the balance just right. I'm hoping the readers like the twists and turns because there are quite a few.

Now that the book is gone (at least until the editor sends me revisions) I can revel in the euphoria of another major project off my list. That "Whee! It's outta here!" sort of buzz. It is always tempered by the "What if it really sucks?" Gollum-type murmurings in the back of my mind. Every writer has them. If you don't, I worry about you.

This is why a supportive spouse is very helpful. The convo went like this:

(In the kitchen during one of my caffeine acquisition treks).
Me: I'm not sure if I did everything I wanted in this book. It's good, but... (mumble, mumble)
Him: Is this version better than the one the betas readers read?
Me: Oh hell, yes.
Him: Then your job is done. Here, have some wine.

He also kept me fed, watered, ice-packed (for my neck, wrist and arm) and did all the errands and bought groceries so I could put in my 12 hour days without worrying about anything but The Book. He gets instant sainthood in my book. I think he'd rather have another banjo book instead.

I'm taking a week off before I start Book the Third (due April Fool's Day -- hold the jokes please). This week is promo and marketing. The good folks in the UK would love a playlist for the first book (titled DEMON TRAPPERS: FORSAKEN over there) and I've got Guild patches and a tee shirt to order and other good stuff to happen. All of this is rolling toward those Jan and Feb launch dates when Book the First toddles out in front of the cameras and takes a bow.

But for now it's back to the coffee then I'll cue up Pandora. Life is good here. But then I wouldn't want it any other way.


Sandy said...

Yay ^_^ another milestone accomplished! This means you get to sleep a bit before Book the Third right?

Jana Oliver said...

I get about a week. I have seven months to write #2 and that stretched to 7-1/2. That extra two weeks comes out of #3 which will take longer because it's the third in a three-book arc and my life goes into the blender come January. As usual, I have a rough idea of #3 is going to be, but that's about it.

Marcia Colette said...

Whoa. Book one in January, book two in February, and book three in April? You go, girl. I'm lucky if I count my blessings if I can finish two books in one year. You go, girl. :-)

Jana Oliver said...

Sorry, I wasn't that clear. I don't write that quickly. The Jan book is the UK edition of Bk #1 and the Feb one the US version of the same book. Of course, they have different titles to make things interesting. I have idea when #2 will debut yet. I'm hoping it's within 6-8 months of the first book just to keep the momentum going.