Sunday, April 12, 2009

Of Weekends & Wildlife

Ah, what a lovely weekend. Hubby is visiting his mum in scenic Iowa so I've had three days to myself. Usually I'm on deadline for my next book, but right now I'm not under contract so I decided to kick back and enjoy my time off. Besides spending some time in the basement Friday evening (Atlanta got some nasty weather) reading another one of Artemis Fowl's adventures, I've putzed around the house, watched movies and cleaned. Movies, you ask?

Okay, I admit it, I finally broke down and watched TWILIGHT. I wasn't a fan of the book. It just didn't do it for me, but the movie worked. The pacing might have been a bit slow, but the movie corrected some of the characterization issues I had with the original source material. In particular, Bella (Isabella Swan the heroine) came across as far more with it and than in the book. The Book Bella was wimpy. The Movie Bella had some stones. The vampires were suitably creepy and the visuals nice.

But I think the highlight of the weekend were the foxes. Hubby spied a red fox on our porch the other morning. What he didn't realize is that she came equipped with four kits. ADORABLE critters. Why they're living under our porch (we're in suburbia) I have no idea, but watching the little guys bounce around and rough house is really great fun. I have pictures, but can't edit them until I get my other computer running again. I will attempt to get a video and post it. I am worried some neighbor will get upset about the critters and call someone to dispose of them. Then there's the dogs and the coyotes. Since foxes eat all sorts of annoying things, I'm fine if they stay. They're a lot cooler than possums and far more tolerable than skunks. And the little ones are just so darned cute. Here's a UK link about urban foxes and how they're thriving.

So how goes your weekend?

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