Friday, January 02, 2009

The Plan for 2009

A new year is much like a fresh sheet of paper in a typewriter or a blank screen on your monitor. You can make of it what you will. Well, sort of. External forces to do apply, but a fair amount is in your control. At least that's my delusion and I'm sticking with it.

Personally, things are going well. Husband is gainfully employed, house is super clean due to Annual Decompression Party yesterday (attendees are more inclined toward intelligent discussion than heavy duty partying) and I have story ideas to play with. So what is on my plate for 2009? Lots of good things, I hope.

I am continuing to play with a Young Adult Urban Fantasy story set in 2018 Atlanta about a young girl working as an apprentice to her father, a legendary demon hunter. Demons have been done to death so I'm trying a "twist" to the standard tropes that will hopefully prove an interesting read. It helps that I really like the heroine! Because this is set in a dystopian Atlanta, I've actually had to do some research about The Athens of the South. I plan to do some exploring when it stops raining every weekend. (Not really complaining -- we're still in a drought here and the lakes need water.) However trudging around historic
Oakland Cemetery in a downpour, while picturesque, is not ideal.

I'm also playing with that paranormal historical set in 1902 Chicago, which is equally revving my creative juices. I have two paranormal romances already written that need some editing and there's that self-pubbed Fantasy series that demands a final book. So this year will be full.

Since 2001 I've been doing the "Jana Oliver Roadshow" at conventions so potential readers will get to know me and potentially buy my books. That's actually worked rather well so now it's time to settle back, finish maybe a book and a half in a year rather than the usual one, and not crisp myself around the edges as much as I have the last three years. Since 2001, when I started this journey, I've lost count of how many conventions I've attended. I do know that since 2005 I've attended 30. Wow.

So the plan is for this year to be much more focused on the writing and not the schmoozing. I'll still be out there (4 conventions) but not as much as before. It feels right. When I sign with a NY publishing house I'll be back on the road, but the earliest that would be is 2010. For now I get a breather from the airports, the con food and the hectic schedule. I'll miss the fen, but I am available by email so it's not like I'm totally running under the radar.

So what's your plan for 2009? Any new directions or goals? Or are you just going to crawl into your cave, order in a stock of double pepperoni pizza and ride it all out?


steve said...

I hope to get "Things Done and Left Undone" done. With my new work schedule, it looks as though I'll be able to join a writing group in Normal, IL.

Then I hope to resurrect some stories that are in kind of limbo. One is the "Devil of Davenport" book. The hero is a German-American journalist, Friedrich Teufel (German for devil) who solves a the murder of a feminist leader in 1916--the year Iowa voted down woman suffrage largely because the Germans and Irish in eastern Iowa thought it would bring on prohibition. He gets involved with the widow of a British soldier who was killed on the Marne.

Jana Oliver said...

Having the time to join a writing group -- priceless. The premise of "Devil of Davenport" sounds very promising. Go for it. Quality historicals are always in demand. I'll look forward to hearing your updates as the year progresses!

steve said...

Thanks, Jana. Isn't Athens, Georgia the Athens of the South?

Jana Oliver said...

Actually, I screwed up. The Athens of the South is actually Nashville. OY!