Friday, January 02, 2009

News Article of the Day

Couldn't pass up commenting on this news article. For those of you concerned that all the Muslims in the world are going to blow up your airplane, here's a few tips. Bad guys come in all shapes, sizes, colors and religions. Just because the lady next to you on the plane wears a hijab doesn't mean she's looking to kill you. Would you have raised the alarm for a good old boy (Tim McVey)? Yet he killed a lot of folks, including leveling a daycare.

Talking about the best place to sit on an airplane does not qualify you as a terrorist. Hubby and I have had this same spirited debate and concluded there's no best place because you can't predict if the plane is going to crash and in what manner. An innocent, albeit gruesome conversation. Folks of a terrorist bent do NOT have these kinds of conversations. They blend in by staying very quiet and they don't come in groups of NINE. One or two are plenty to send the plane to Valhalla, folks. In fact, you don't even need a body on the plane anymore. (Technology is not necessarily a wonderful thing). The bad guys have moved onto other "softer" targets. It's only our fellow citizens who are still thinking "hijack airplane." Anybody with a working brain could have ruled these folks out in a heartbeat. Maybe they've been watching a bit too much "24". To their credit, the FBI handled this very well. However...

AirTran didn't. Once the FBI cleared these folks you should have put them on the next plane, then someone should have had a chat with the folks who reported them so they could understand why their worries were groundless so they won't do it in the future.

The terrorist's ultimate weapon is paranoia. It doesn't require any manpower or C4 to pull it off. It's self perpetuating. Next time look past the accents, the skin color and the clothes. If they looked like you would you have called attention to their comments? No? Then sit back and eat your peanuts. Yes? Then talk to the flight attendant pronto.

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