Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Justice Denied

The might of a nation rests on the impartiality of its judicial branch. A defendent must have faith that they will have their day in court without fearing that their government is putting pressure upon any member of the Bar.

Apparently, that message is not understood by the occupants of the Justice Dept, the White House and certain members of Congress. The notion of sacking ALL 93 U.S. attorneys (at the same time) is absolutely horrifying. Federal attorneys spend months, years building crucial cases. One morning you get a note that says "Hasta la vista, baby" and where do those cases go? How does your staff pick up the pieces, maintain the momentum toward the trial?

A virtual tsunami would have rolled through our legal system, solely for the purpose of political expediency. Put a few cronies in the right places and happy days. Are these people really this STUPID?

Who was the person who suggested such a mass firing? Harriet Miers, Mr. Bush's candidate for the Supreme Court. Thank God she never got far enough in the process.

It is time for a shakeup. Mr. Gonzales must go. He seems to have forgotten that his job is to defend the Constitution, not play lapdog to whomever currently occupies the Oval Office, whether they be Democrat or Republican.

Fair and open trials are the hallmark of a democracy. What we are seeing in our country is NOT what our Forefathers envisioned. In fact, it is precisely what they warned against.

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