Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another Hurdle Crossed

For those of you keeping an eye on my blog to find out how the latest book is faring -- it's off to the publisher & editor. And on time (grin). Now comes the part where the author must divest themselves of their ego and accept criticism on their baby. In my mind, more is at stake as this is the second book in the series (the middle of a three-book story arc) and so it has to literally kick bootie. I've resigned myself to some rewrites to polish and shape the story to make it even better. It certainly helps to have a dynamite editor and an involved publisher in the mix.

To celebrate the manuscript winging (or electroning) it's way to Canada, hubby and I stayed overnight in downtown Atlanta at a nice hotel, went out for great Italian at Barando's and then to the Fabulous Fox Theater to see Spamalot. It was a riot and well worth the cost. I encourage you to see the musical if it gets in your area. You won't be disappointed.

The Fox Theater is a marvel. It was built in 1929 as a Shriner Temple. It includes minarets, onion domes and incredibly opulent furnishings. I quote from the Fox website: "Visitors encounter an indoor Arabian courtyard with a sky full of flickering stars and magically drifting clouds; a spectacular striped canopy overhanging the balcony; stage curtains depicting mosques and Moorish rulers in hand sewn sequins and rhinestones." It was totally awesome. Now I know why Atlantans rave about the place.

On Monday I'm back in the saddle. While Divine Ms. A (my editor) works on Virtual Evil, I'm going to start my preliminary noodling on the short story due to Aberrant Dreams. There's never much of a break in a writer's life.

Still, I enjoyed the weekend. I'll have to set another "congrats, girl" sort of weekend as a milestone. Anything to keep those pinkies tapping on those keys.

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