Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lessons Learned

Had a delightful time in Iowa visiting my mom-in-law on the occasion of her eighty-fifth birthday. This lady is tenacious. She's buried two husbands, one boyfriend and still keeps going. She's sharp as the proverbial tack and just keeps rolling with the punches. I'm hoping that I have that kind of grit when I'm her age. Really neat lady.

Next week I head off to NC for Trinic*Con, home for two days and then on a plane to Dallas for the RWA convention. The Romance Writer's of America annual convention brings in the big name romance authors, which isn't bodice rippers anymore for those of you who haven't picked up one in a few years. Romance now covers a vast sea of options from paranormal to historical to erotic (yup, the really steamy stuff) to inspirational/religious. The genre has really broken out into a ton of sub-genres. I tend to write paranormals and fantasy, but the current WIP (work in progress) doesn't have a lick of sex in it. Go figure. This from someone whose first book was littered with heavy-duty sex scenes and 'strong' language (as the Brits call it). The current book is more a paranormal murder mystery. There is sexual tension between a couple of the characters, but that's as far as it goes. Given I want this to be a series, that attraction will play out over the length of the books. And I can already see that Book II will be a lot darker and scarier.

And of course, if there is to BE a Book II, I'd best get back to the computer. So many verbs, so little time.


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