Monday, July 26, 2004

If This is July, This Must be Durham

The weekend in Durham went very well. Trinic*Con is in its fifth year and they've pretty much worked out the majority of the bugs that plague conventions. The hotel was fabulous; friendly staff, good food, excellent layout. That's real unusual and I intend on writing a letter to the management letting them know how pleased I was. They supplied a buffet each night for $12.71 that included choice of entrees, drinks and some really good desserts. They gave you a three-hour window in which to eat which worked great if you had a tight panel schedule. Brilliant thinking on everyone's part.

The high point of the convention was the charity auction which, at last count, raised somewhere around $2200 for Adult Literacy. COOL! Alas, the little yellow rubber duckie with the fangs went for $48 or he would have joined the non-fanged one in our hot tub. The whole thing was a hoot.

I always enjoy the time to catch up with friends; Lee Martindale & hubby George, Stephe Pagel, Laura Underwood to name a few. Had the opportunity to meet Sharon Lee & Steve Miller (the Literary Guests of Honor) and we had many a merry conversation. And, as always, met lots of new folks who were neat to talk to. The 'Sex' panel Sat night took the high road and delivered quality content and viewpoints on one of the most fundamental drives of human society rather than veering toward the salacious. I enjoyed that.

Alas, my time at home is virtually nil as I fly out Wed for Dallas and the Romance Writers' annual convention. This one is more high brow but again, I get to see friends, attend interesting panels and have fun.

Later folks, the hot tub calls...



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