Saturday, May 22, 2004

Technology & Georgia Writers

Technology seduces me again!

With another deep sigh, I accept that technology keeps marching forward and I'll be left in the dust if I don't keep up. Courtesy of poetic friend, Collin Kelley, ( I have joined the world of blogging.

Spent the day at the Georgia Writer's Spring Festival communing with other authors, poets and the like and learning lots of nifty things. My workshop went over well (no rotten tomatoes, which is always a good sign) and I even sold a few books. YES!

But now it's back to the grind as I have two interviews tomorrow (Galina Golant & Dr. Ravay Snow-Renner -- both children's authors) and need to edit other interviews already 'in the can'. Ah, the joys of Internet radio (

Yawn... is it hot tub time yet?

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Anonymous said...

Cool blog, Jana. I'm very happy. :)