Monday, May 24, 2004

A Letter from Iraq

I found the most exciting piece of mail in my box today -- a letter from some soldiers who are part of a Transportation Unit stationed in Southern Iraq. They're from the NY area originally.

As part of Operation RT ShoeBox (see URL below) I sent over a couple of packages of goodies about three weeks ago. Since these folks often can't get to a PX for a month or more at a time, personal supplies are pretty scarce. So I sent over a box of snacks (dried peaches/raisins), hand wipes, personal items of the feminine variety and anything else I could think these folks might like or miss. I sent books to another soldier who likes to read fantasy and a third box of goodies to another unit in care of their commanding offier. I figured they'd divy up the goodies and that's exactly what they did!

And lo, a letter! Wow! I urge anyone with any spare time (or a little extra cash) to send a letter/postcard/parcel over to let these fine men and women know they're in our hearts. We all listen to the evening news and know they need our support, no matter your take on the war. You only have to pay postage to NY and then the military takes it from there. Check out the Romantic Times website link below as they are restrictions as to what you can/cannot send.

I figure I'll drop a letter back (which will arrive faster - seems about 9 days or so) and then put together another couple of parcels with more goodies. I can only imagine what it's like to find a box with your name on it during mail call. Just like Christmas or Hanukkah.

At least we learned that lesson from Viet Nam -- don't blame the soldiers. They're only doing their duty.

May Peace Reign... (SOON!)


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