Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why Bigotry Has No Future

I admit to reading many of the more right wing blogs. I like to know what people are thinking, even if I can't agree with them. Over and over these blogs continue to invoke Barack Obama's middle name (Hussein) as if it were a curse, because that means he HAS to be a terrorist bent on destroying this country.

I finally snapped the other day and replied in the comments field on one of these blogs, politely but firmly pointing out that in the Middle East Hussein is as common a name as Sarah, Joe or John is here in America. Not surprisingly, my comment was never posted on the blog. Go figure. It's easier to shovel the red meat to the bigots than actually use one's brain.

So to you folks who insist on hammering home the fact Obama's family has Muslim antecedents, are you going to tell this mother her son was a terrorist just because his name is different?

Such a loss. I know I'll remember this young man's sacrifice for a very long time, if nothing more than to honor his memory. The only thing a bigot sacrifices is their heart.

Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan

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