Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cut From the Same Cloth

Lest you think I only bash Republications, this blog entry should banish that illusion. I bash everyone if they're being stupid. Even myself on occasion. But this time it's Mr. Edwards who, like so many males in the limelight, just don't understand the idea of keeping his equipment under control.

There are many reasons to be pissed at this guy, but the big one is that he broke my husband's heart. Hubby (aka Harold) was 100% behind Mr. Edwards and was truly bummed when he didn't make the cut for the nomination. Now we find out Mr. E. can lie, cheat and weasel with the rest of them. The husband takes a dim view of such behavior at any level, especially in an elected official who claims to want to make a difference.

A Wall Street Journal's editorial called Edwards' behavior, "an egregious failure of judgment and character." To think he could get away with this in the middle of a presidential campaign boggles the mind. Then when he's caught, he lies about it, like all of them. Don't these guys ever learn?

Apparently not. So I asked the sage husband why it was that we don't see that many sexual scandals involving women in power, besides the fact there aren't that many females in office to start with. His notion was that the power they garner at the top is enough to sustain them, at least in the short term. For men, it's just the start. There always has to be more of an adrenalin rush. Adultery provides that rush. Chance of exposure on a national stage really ups the fuel.

Apparently to John Edwards, jeopardizing his marriage, the trust of his family, the opportunity to recapture the White House and send America in a new direction were not sufficient reasons to keep his zipper shut.

How truly pathetic.

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Pam Wyant said...

I'm with Harold on this one. Totally ticked off.

I rallied for this man, had supported him and had even been seen on TV (the FOX channel sadly) shaking the man's hand. It is nothing compared to what his wife has went through but still I felt betrayed when I found out. I believed in him and thought he was truly honest, shame on me for believing any politician is honest. It made me want to go wash my hand because I saw the cookie jar his had been in. Once again we are faced with the reality of what power and the spotlight does to mankind.