Friday, June 13, 2008

To Consult a Detective

My final day in London. Part of me is keen to get home, the other part will miss this city. It's always that way.

As I'm officially out of my room at 11, I checked with Victoria Station to find out how much they charge for Left Luggage. Well, it'
s £6.50 per bag. That's $24 to leave two bags for a period of about 2 or so hours. So I checked with the hotel. They charge £1 per bag. Situation solved. So I stashed my bags and hopped the Underground to Baker Street, home of the world's most famous consulting detective. I hoped to catch Mr. Holmes in residence as I have a few points to put to him regarding a case involving anarchists, explosives and the plot to overthrow the monarchy (in 1888).

But first there was a parade. Not an official one with bands, but a lovely parade of horse flesh down Baker Street (which is right near Regent's Park). This long line of riders trotted past me. Can you imagine handling your mount and a spare on a London street? I'm guessing they're acclimatizing the horses to traffic, etc. It was an unexpected event. I almost always like those.

Mr. Holmes, much to my dismay, was not in residence. According to Mrs. Hudson he is in Yorkshire on business. Dr. Watson, however, was at home and was currently engaged in a discussion with a lady from Russia.
The good doctor was very gracious in allowing me to tour his home.

Mr. Holmes' corner (below) was jumbled, full of all sorts of testing equipment. His violin sat near the sheet music. In another room was a photo gallery of some of the more well known criminals of the day, including Thomas Neill Cream (the poisoner).

Dr. Watson had an impressive display of medical books and instruments (above). There were mementos from his time abroad and each had a story to tell. His desk was quite tidy as compared to Holmes' niche.

After a very interesting visit (Sherlock Holmes Museum) I collected the luggage and headed for Gatwick Airport. After another shuttle ride I settled into my hotel and worked on my book until about midnight. Tomorrow is the long ride home. Hope all goes well.

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