Thursday, April 03, 2008

Madman's Dance Cover Art

I'm on the downhill slope for the next Time Rovers book - Madman's Dance. Here's the gorgeous cover. The gent and the fiery background are courtesy of L.W. "Lynn" Perkins and the cover design is by Christina Yoder. These are the ladies who designed the other two covers in the series.

I gave Lynn an idea of what the gent looks like (for those who have read the series this is the Genius himself, T.E. Morrisey, the software wizard who created the Time Immersion industry along with Harter Defoe, who was on the cover of Virtual Evil). Theo is a babe.

Lynn and I examined potential backgrounds and finally settled on St. Martin-in-the Fields and the National Portrait Gallery (Trafalgar Square, London) engulfed in flames. When Christina asked the theme of the book, I said "Armageddon". She took it from there. As always, these artists have a talent that leaves me breathless.

Madman's Dance is going to be a long book. Sojourn was 367 pages and this one will be way over 400+ as there is a lot hitting the fan in this story. It's conveniently divided into two sections, not surprisingly entitled Part One and Part Two. Clever huh? So much needs to be resolved, both in 1888 and 2057. Those resolutions will involve not only some of the machinations of the Transitives (shape-shifters) but some personal resolutions, as well.

The manuscript will be sent to the editor May 1. It goes on press mid-July and should be available by October 30th, its launch date. I'm hoping that this one proves even better than Sojourn and Virtual Evil.

And now back to my rewrites. Thanks for sharing my adoration of the cover. I think it's way cool.


Pam Wyant said...


They just keep getting better.

Jana Oliver said...

They do and that's saying a lot. The first two rocked.

steve said...

Jana, this is a great cover. Is that Spitalfields Church in the background?

Jana Oliver said...

That's actually St. Martin-in-the-Fields (Trafalgar Square) with the National Portrait Gallery to your left. We were going to burn St. Paul's, but decided this was better.

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear its coming along!! - Can't wait

Tina Rak

Jana Oliver said...

Hi Tina!
I can't wait for the book to be done, to be honest. Lots of revelations in this story, personal and otherwise. My three main characters all find resolutions of some sort or another. Parts of this book are hard to read, but the end is emotionally satisfying.