Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama Quiz

Barack Obama is:
A) An atheist
B) A Muslim
C) A Christian
D) All of the above

Apparently at least 80% of Americans have no clue that the correct answer is "C". Whether being an "A" or a "B" is worse is up for grabs. After all, he has a foreign name, doesn't he? That can't be good.

Now the Constitution states that there is no religious test for office, but that doesn't stop us from judging someone by which church/synagogue/temple/mosque they attend (if they even do). So the rumors that Obama is a closet Muslim who is running as president in a sneaky attempt to take over America is pretty tinfoil hat. Why would the Muslims want America? Do they want to take on our debt, our crumbling infrastructure, our aging health care system? Of course the real nuts wouldn't look at all that. We are the Great Satan and worthy of destruction. Frankly, if Satan does exist, I think he'd be doing a much better job than we are, but that's personal opinion.

I remember the same hoopla about Kennedy and his allegiance to the Pope. I'm not troubled if the president is a Mormon, a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim or even a Hindu or a Buddhist. If he/she truly knows his/her religion's core teachings and FOLLOWS THEM, we're in good shape.

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to warp those holy scriptures as time passes. You're not a real Christian if you're dunked rather than sprinkled or if your church has an organ rather than no instruments at all. Ridiculous. We love to muss with the good stuff in an attempt to feel superior to everyone else. I've never understood this human desire, but it causes more grief that we're worth. Thank goodness the Supreme Being appears to have endless patience.

Voltaire said it best -"God created man in his own image, and man promptly returned the favor."

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