Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mike Huckabee's Skeleton

I'm a great believer in parsing politicians' words against how they behave. Most of them fall short. Right now Mike Huckabee is gaining ground in the primaries. But even the former Baptist minister has a skeleton in his closet, and it's a disturbing one.

What Was This Guy Thinking?

Huffington Post Article re: Huckabee's Pardon of a Serial Rapist

If you have women begging you not to let this pervert go, why in God's name would you pressure the parole board to do just that? I don't know how Huckabee lives with himself. We all make mistakes, but this one is just too disturbing to ignore.


steve said...

This is the first I've heard about this. When Mike Dukakis approved Willie Horton's furloughs, it was just a routine O.K. of an advisory board--this is much more personal--and damning.

But like your friend Pam, I wou't be involved in choosing the Republican candidate (or the Democratic candidate, unless things aren't settled by May). I'm still planning to support Obama unless he's out of the race. by then

Jana Oliver said...

Huckabee is claiming he had nothing to do with the parole and that the Dems are using the victims as political fodder. Doesn't wash. I just wish someone on the parole board had possessed a set of balls. Mistakes happen, but you could see this one coming. Felons with that sort of track record do not suddenly turn all sweetness and light. Their next move is to snuff the victim. They learn from their mistakes faster than we do.