Saturday, November 10, 2007

Of Robots

In my books, I have various kinds of robots making the occasional appearance. There are DomoBots (like Sigmund, a butler who also tidies the house). There are CopBots who are black and white little critters who solemnly announce that you are sitting in a DGS (designated green space -- i.e. a park) and that after thirty minutes you have to move on. And there are LuggageBots who haul your heavy suitcases around.

I recently took a step into the future with my own Bots. They're not very good with the dusting and can't make hot chocolate like Sigmund. Still the Roomba sweeps the floors and the Scooba "mops" them. My husband talked me into a refurnished Roomba a couple of months back and were so delighted at how it does its thing, my birthday present is a brand new Scooba.

Now I know this sounds lazy, but I detest, loathe and sincerely dislike to do that same thing over and over. Housekeeping falls in that realm. I do keep a fairly tidy house. There is clutter, I admit. But I do mop floors and sweep the carpets. It's just that I don't like doing these chores as they are a Waste of Time(TM). So I turn the Roomba loose after setting its boundaries with the Virtual Walls and the thing sweeps. And does a good job at it. We have a Furry Tyrant. It sheds. The Roomba solves a lot of that mess.

The Scooba just arrived today and so far it's cleaned the kitchen floor and is currently working on the front hallway. The front room and dining room on the list after that. Just move stuff out of their way and off they go. The Furry Tyrant glares at them and takes refuge on the top of the stuffed chair. Prudent cat.

Once the bots are done they return to their little recharging centers and blink away. I figure they're plotting world domination, learning the layout of every middle class house in America and beaming that data up to the Mother Ship. Well, maybe not.

I have to wonder what sorts of Bots will be in existence in another 10-20 years. Maybe they'll create one that does laundry and goes grocery shopping. Then I will truly love the things....

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