Sunday, October 07, 2007


The evening at the Whitechapel Society was fabulous. Great people, appreciative audience, very good beer (wink). The talk went well. Only made only one real boo-boo and that got a laugh (never hurts) and folks seemed to like what they heard. We didn't get back to the B&B until half past midnight so this morning was a bit slow. This weekend London's Underground is undergoing planned renovations (in other words you can't get around very easily) so that required a lot of pre-planning.

Today we're off to Camden Locks on a tour to see the Regent's Canal (more research). Then more wandering around the East End. An author's job is never done.


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Tyra Mitchell said...

Glad to read that things went well at your talk! I hope you and Mage are having a wonderful time - Tube construction not included. Be safe - and give me a buzz when you get home.