Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good Cover Chi & The Work At Hand

First thing -- the cover for Virtual Evil (Time Rovers - Book 2). It rocks. Between L.W. (Lynn) Perkins' work on the image of Harter Defoe in a Victorian back alley (complete with rats!) and Christina Yoder's cover design artistry, I'm so spoiled. To see a larger version, go here.

So what's up? Every writer has their delusion that once they turn in their current manuscript life will settle down to a dull roar. We all know that is a lie, but we still like to wrap ourselves in it nonetheless.

At present I'm engaged in a beta reader-induced tweaking of Virtual Evil (beta readers are a godsend but sometimes you wish they were a little less astute). I've rewritten the first half of the book and am working on the back half. This is in conjunction with making the editorial changes requested by the Divine Ms. A (my editor) for the first 100 pages.

Then there's the short story I'm penning for Aberrant Dreams. I got myself into this one. I said "Sure, I'd love to try a short story." Oy! It took a while to get out "novel mode" and into short story thinking. Once that happened, things started to move. Actually, I'm hoping AD likes the story. It's not often you combine an imp, a 5-yr old boy, a teacup hedgehog and a heiress named Paris Impton. Think Terry Pratchett if he'd gotten the bad drugs.

A nice bit of news surfaced in the last week or so--Sojourn is a nominee for the Pluto Award for Best New Voice in Science Fiction, courtesy of Yellow30 SciFi. And as a nod to my fantasies, The Circle of the Swan and The Summoning Stone are nominees for their Charon Award for Best Book from 1999-2005. WHEEEE! (Thanks, guys!)

And now back to that work at hand. Soon I'll be able to sit in my hot tub, Oban at my elbow, and know it's all behind me.

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