Friday, February 09, 2007

Coasting to Seattle

Spent a great few days in Seattle at Left Coast Crime, rubbing elbows with fellow mystery writers and readers. It was a good conference. Lots of very fun people, great food (the salmon was awesome) and informative panels. It was a bit humbling to chat with such mystery greats as S.J. Rozan, Peter May (looks fine in a kilt, mind you) and Meg Chittenden. Meg's been writing for 37 years and she still has a devilish sense of humor. I also joke I want to be Meg when I grow up.

I signed at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop and got to spend time with Tammy, Fran and all the other wonderful folks who work there. The shop was packed on Saturday afternoon, which is a pleasing sight when so many indy bookstores are closing their doors. If you want signed copies of your favorite books, contact them. They can get them for you.

Now that I'm home and getting over my jet lag, the final push on Virtual Evil begins. It's due in just shy of 3 weeks. I really like the story, but I know it can go up a notch or two. It's not at the "keep the reader up all night" stage. Being a fiend, I like to inflict sleeplessness on my readers as my favorite authors do the same to me. It's my idiom, as Monty Python would say. And one never wants to go against one's idiom. It can hurt... a lot.

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