Thursday, January 11, 2007

How Many More?

Regular readers of this blog know that I've never been in favor of our incursion into Iraq. Now our leaders are ignoring the sage advice of their betters (and elders) and investing even more American soldiers into the middle of brutal cival war to become IED fodder. It's not what the Iraqis want and they have to be onboard with this plan or it's doomed from the start. And now, just to add to the pain, the Pentagon has abandoned the active duty time limit, making our citizen-soldiers' personal lives a quagmire.

Though I sincerely regret the loss of life in all quarters, we cannot build a nation for the Iraqis. Only they have the ability to put aside their religious differences and stop slaughtering each other over a 1400+ year vendetta. I value all life equally, but I hold American lives in especially high regard.

If I trusted our leaders more, I'd be willing to give this "Surge" a chance. I don't. They'd bungled this from the first moment.

Bring 'em home. Now. The sacrifice has been too dear. There will be no winners in this battle.

Learn the lesson this time, will you?

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