Thursday, November 09, 2006

Democracy in Action

Well, the election was a breath of fresh air. The citizens of this nation turned out to let the folks in Washington know they're not a happy bunch. In fact, most of Americans are sincerely p.o.'d. No minimum wage hike, tax cuts for the richest of our nation, etc., etc. And of course, Iraq and the continuing carnage.

Now if you expect me to do a rah-rah Democrat thing here, I'm not, though I come from a family of Democrats. No one party owns my soul, which is fortunate as the Dems aren't any less flawed than the GOP. Maybe a bit more idealistic, but just as flawed.

So let's all give ourselves a pat on the back for sending the only message Washington is inclined to hear. And keep our eye on the lot of them. The sting from a wrap across the knuckles doesn't last that long.

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