Monday, April 10, 2006

Please, Not Again

Despite claims from our government, there is a slow and frightening move toward a confrontation (war) with Iran. We're treading the exact same ground, using the same rhetoric, playing all the games we did right before we entered Iraq.

Yes, Iran has their hands in various unsavory pies and will, most likely, have nuclear weapon capability in the next two years or so. Korea is a bigger threat, but no one in Washington seems too worried about them. The cynic in me is sure this has something to do with oil.

Invading (yes, folks, that's what we did) Iraq was the equivalent of kicking over a 4-story beehive. Lots of very angry bees. Iran will be nothing like Iraq. For the most part, they are a unified country, a DEMOCRACY, and if we attack, all hell will break loose. Do you expect that other Arab countries are going to stand by while we invade another of their neighbors? Won't they be wondering, "When's our turn?" We are already seen as the aggressors -- we'll become a rogue state.

Perhaps the Christians are right and Armageddon is just around the door, courtesy of Geo. Bush and his buddies. If we go into Iran, we'll have the opportunity to see just how bad things can get.

Now's the time to stop this nonsense. Contact your elected officials and demand we use diplomacy, not bunker busters. We don't have the money, the soldiers or the moral high ground to bomb or otherwise harass Iran. If we think we can win this one, we are beyond delusional.


steve said...

Jana, I'm not sure whether Iran is exactly a democracy, as the mullahs seemed to be in control enven when the reformers were officially in power. But you're right about invading Iran. Greg Palast ( had an article about how we blew the chance for a democratic Iraq, all in the name of oil.

Not all of us Christians think Armageddon is around the corner, nor do we want to bring it on. Jesus, according to Matthew 26:52, said, "They that take the sword shall perish with the sword." This is the same guy who told us to love our enemies. Somehow, I don't think the neocons who accuse people like me of being "cafeteria Christians" have the Christ of love and forgiveness on their trays.

Jana Oliver said...

Steve --