Thursday, February 23, 2006

And We're in the Home Stretch

Yes, I'm writing about "The Book" again. Actually "the manuscript" at this point. Working with the editor was absolutely painless. I can hear some of my fellow writers muttering "And what drugs are you taking, babe?" Nope, the process was fabulous. Adrienne, She of the Red Pencil (more like red typeface since we do this electronically) was awesome. She got right into the story, understood my characters and asked the tough questions. All her ideas led to scene changes/dialog that enhanced the final product. That's what an editor does. Besides, she had a great sense of humor, which is cool, especially we were doing this edit at an accelerated pace.

Next stop? Typesetter. Then I look at the 'galley' as it's called, pencil in corrections and then off to the printer. If you want to see the cover design, go here:

There'll be another blog about how such designs come to fruition.

Gee, you know, this feels good. Now I have to pack for SheVaCon.


steve said...

The cover looks good, Jana. It has a sort of Pre-Raphaelite look that's in keeping with the era. And the blurb is very intriguing. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Jana Oliver said...

The cover turned out better than even I had hoped. The artists responsible for the work are a fabulous team. Not every author gets a great cover. I lucked out again.