Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm Weirdly at Peace

Somewhere Osama is smiling and giving a thumbs up at his television set. His best recruiter just got re-elected. Allah has been merciful.

And perhaps that's the point. Perhaps G*d in His/Her wisdom knows that Dubya needs to be in office four more years, for whatever reason. Where that unnerves me to no end given the erosion of freedom in this country (all in the name of national security) I just have to trust the Almighty has a plan. So in that respect, I agree with the evangelical Christians on this one --- Bush is in this office for a reason. I suspect that my theory won't be the same as theirs, however. Often the purpose of one's life is soley to serve as a warning to others. Perhaps it is G*d's intention to have us understand how incredibly bad it can get before we wake up and stop taking democracy for granted.

The bigger questions are -- will democracy as we know (knew) it survive four more years of the Patriot Act, the under-the-radar dealings of the White House and our foreign involvement in Iraq (Iran/Syria -- insert name of Muslim country)? Only time will tell.

I suspect the next four years are going to be, in short, damned ugly. There is every indication we're going to veer closer to a religious theocracy, renouncing our heritage as a nation of the many with tolerance toward all. We all know how well religious theocracies work -- we only need look at the radical Islamic model for proof.

And perhaps that's the Almighty's point -- walk your own religious path, but do not impose it on others against their will. All in all, maybe Dubya is doing us a favor.

I hope that's the case. Any other scenario won't let me sleep at night.

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