Friday, August 27, 2004

Rollin' Toward Dragon*Con

Well, if you've never attended Dragon*Con (aka The Mother of All Conventions) then you've missed something. Think 20-25,000 of your closest buddies all packed into two hotels in downtown Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend. Squads of storm troopers, Klingons, Goths, elves, hobbits, historical figures and various cartoon characters. Always a good show. Not designed for anyone who has a crowd phobia, though.

As usual, I'm doing my writer gig at the con. That involves sitting on panels, trying to sound intelligent and going crazy for about 20 hours per day. Sleep is optional. One of the really cool things is that I get to meet up with all sorts of friends from all over everywhere. Lots of catching up, besides working the con as a guest.

Doing the writer panels is always fun, though you never know who you're going to be paired with until the last moment. Flexibility is the key. Almost all of these folks are far higher on the writer food chain than I am, so I always learn something.

One of my favorite things is doing the booksignings. Unfortunately, this year they seemed to have not scheduled me for any so we're trying to work that out. Mercury is in Retrograde, of course, so I'm not surprised.

Hie thee hence to Dragon, dear bard!

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